Saltire private hire – Terms and conditions

1. A customer account will be created for all users upon their first use of the service, be it by Telephone, Email Web booker or Passenger app.
1.1 Account registration requires you to submit personal information such as Name Telephone number and an authorised method of payment when using Web or app bookings. You are solely responsible for all activity that occurs using your account and you agree to maintain the security and secrecy of your username and password.
1.2 A Booking constitutes an offer by you to purchase services in accordance with these terms and conditions. A booking shall only be deemed to be accepted you a Saltire Partner when we issue written confirmation of acceptance via SMS email or app notification at which point a contract for those services to which the booking relates will come into existence. The customer in each case is deemed to have accepted the terms when making use of the passenger services. Each booking constitutes a contract of service between Saltire Private hire limited acting as agent of their partners, and the booker and the passenger If the person making the booking is not the passenger, we reserve the right to decline the booking for any reason. The booker is fully responsible for advising all travelling parties are aware of these terms and conditions
1.3 You agree that services will be provided by one of Saltires employed or partner drivers or operators. Saltire shall ensure that each partner driver or operator is fully compliant with their obligations by law and maintain the correct liability insurance and other regulatory documentation where required. Where a booking is performed by a Saltire partner the partner is legally responsible for performing the booking and we will remain responsible for providing customer service and support assistance and will act as point of contact for you.
1.4 We remain responsible solely for our obligations to you as set out in these terms to the exclusion of all other terms.
1.5 We will endeavour to contact you by SMS or app notification before the start of your booking to confirm the partner or Saltire driver vehicle details including but not limited to Driver Name and Photograph and contact details, Vehicle make model and registration and Local authority registration details.
1.6 Saltire reserve the right to amend services if required to comply with any applicable law, statute or legislation with no notice.
1.7 Whilst Saltire will always try to provide a vehicle of the type specified in your booking, we reserve the right to supply a reasonable alternative vehicle where the originally requested vehicle is not available
1.8 You the customer are liable for any and all payment of charges for a booking for all services booked in relation to these terms and all payments must be made before each booking commences. We endeavour to operate a completely cashless business model and as such payment or retention of cleared funds will be requested before any booking is undertaken.
1.9 Saltire reserves the right to amend any charges for bookings or services if the client makes any material changes to the booking i.e., additional passengers or luggage from booking or additional stops or amended destinations.


Passenger services

2.1 On providing your pickup location drop off location required vehicle type and booking details including any additional stops or requests we shall offer a quotation showing the amount to be charged for the requested booking.
2.2 The charges are based on our chosen route between your pickup location and drop off location with any additional drop offs specified at time of booking.
2.3 We will permit changes to a booking by a passenger if booked via the app only with any variation in booking charges to be collected from the payment method lodged when registering on said app. For any prebooked hires made over the telephone or email any additional stops or waiting time will need to be booked via our office which can be reached on 0141 3195344 or negotiated directly with your Saltire partner at their discretion.
2.4 Vehicle soilage. You agree that any soilage of the vehicle by passenger, luggage or animal other than a registered service animal will be subject to a soilage charge of up to £100

2.5 All quotations given for bookings will include relevant airport pickup/drop off charges as well as include any required toll or road fees on your journey.
2.6 a cancellation fee will be payable of 100% of the booking value if the booking is not cancelled before a vehicle is dispatched to fulfil the booking. Any cancellation BEFORE a vehicle is dispatched will be refunded in FULL.
2.7 All bookings for NON airport pickups will include a 15 minute grace period after the booking time for which a driver will remain available to undertake your booking, if the passenger is not available within this 15 minute period and is unreachable the booking will be cancelled and no refund will be given, if the passenger is not ready at the booking time requested waiting time may be charged and the booking time amended at the discretion of the partner driver. Any additional waiting time will be payable directly to the Saltire Driver or Partner and will be billed in 15-minute increments at a cost of £6/15 minutes


All airport pickups will include 60 minutes of waiting time FREE of charge After the booking time or the flight landing time. We will always default to using the flight landing time where a flight number is given unless specifically instructed otherwise by the Booking client. After this 60 minute period has elapsed the booking will be cancelled and no refund will be issued unless by prior arrangement with the Saltire partner or Saltire directly and no refund will be offered or given (i.e. you will be charged the full booking value) if you require additional waiting time you must contact your Saltire driver or Partner to agree additional waiting time Any additional waiting time will be payable directly to the Saltire Driver or Partner and will be billed in 15 minute increments at a cost of £8/15 minutes. A SMS message will be sent to you once your booking goes live on the system with your drivers name and contact number.

Please note- we do not offer a “meet and greet service” on bookings unless agreed in advance with the saltire office. If a meet and greet service is required please contact the office to discuss availability and pricing for this additional service. Charges vary depending on which airport you are travelling to and the specifics of the service you may require.

For all bookings your driver will be sitting near to the airport in one of the localised holding areas,  it is imperative that you make contact with your driver as they will NOT enter the pickup/drop off zone until instructed by the passenger.  Your driver will wait up to 60 minutes after your flight touches down or the agreed pickup time if no flight number is provided.


For customers that have pre arranged a meet and greet your driver will enter the terminal at an offset time from your arrival 

For any passengers arriving on a UK domestic flight your driver will enter the airport terminal 30 minutes after your flight lands at which point your 60 minute waiting time will begin.

For any passengers arriving on a European flight your driver will enter the airport terminal 45 minutes after your flight lands, at which point your 60 minutes waiting time will begin

For any passengers arriving on a non European flight, your driver will enter the airport terminal 60 minutes after your flight lands, at which point your 60 minutes waiting time will begin. 


For customers who have agreed a meet and greet service your driver will stand prominently in the arrivals area at the correct terminal displaying a nameboard with your customer name and if supplied corporate logo.


Please note meet and greet services are not offered as standard and can only be booked by contacting the office and are subject to an additional fee to cover driver time and airport parking costs.




Travel notifications


3.1 Where a passenger is travelling with a bicycle or pet you must inform us at point of booking to ensure an appropriate driver and vehicle are assigned to your booking, if you are unsure of vehicle requirements you must contact our booking office in 0141 3195344 for guidance before making a booking. There may be additional charges for domestic pets or bicycles there will be NO additional charges levied for service animals/ Guide dogs
3.2 If you are travelling with a guide/service animal they are not subject to any notification but saltire drivers or Partners may refuse to undertake a booking if he or she has a registered exemption issued by a licenced medical practitioner and recognised by their local licencing authority and Saltire private hire. For avoidance of any delay, we would request the customer notifies us when a service animal is travelling as part of the travelling group. No Saltire driver or Partner will refuse to carry a registered service animal unless they are the holder of a current exemption certificate.
3.3 If the customer does not inform Saltire Private hire ltd in advance of any pets travelling, we reserve the right to cancel a booking and charge in full for the service. This DOES NOT apply to bookings where a service animal/ Guide dog is travelling, and NO additional charges may be levied for service animals/guide dogs including but not limited to soilage charges.
3.4 Saltire and its Drivers or Partner drivers will not be liable for any property transported or left in a vehicle during or after a booking. Any property left in a vehicle where the property cannot be identified and/or easily returned will be handed into the nearest police station as lost property. If property is easily identified a charge may be applied to cover cost of returning property to the customer if required.

3.5 During any booking all passengers must
– not smoke including vapes or e cigarettes
– must not consume any food or alcohol.
– must wear a seatbelt at all times whilst in the vehicle
– must behave in an orderly fashion and not distract the driver
– must load/unload their own luggage. Drivers and partners will assist at their discretion
Any breaches of the above and the driver or partner reserve the right to cancel the booking and no refund will be given.

Cancellation policy – ASAP Bookings

You may cancel a booking at any point. Although a refund will only be issued for the booking value if a car has NOT been dispatched. If a driver has been assigned and dispatched to the booking a minimum service charge will be applied to stand the booking down.  For any bookings a driver arrives at the pickup point before a cancellation request is made  and/or the customer is unreachable or unresponsive the booking will be charged in full. 


Cancellation policy – Prebooked travel


Any journey that is prebooked will be subject to a 24 hour cancellation period – any cancellation where more than 24 hours notice is provided a full refund will be issued. For any bookings cancelled with less than 24 hours notice payment is required in full for the journey. 


No Show / Missed & Cancelled flights 

If a customer is a no show for any booking a full charge will be applied for the service requested. in the event of a missed flight the customer will be charged in full. If the customer has previously supplied Saltire Private Hire with a valid flight number and said flight is cancelled the customer is eligible for a full refund or to amend their booking at no cost subject to follow on availability with the company.




Nothing in these terms will exclude or limit any liability, for death or personal injury caused by negligence. Or for fraudulent misrepresentation or for any other fraudulent act or omission, to pay sums due or owing in the normal course of performance of bookings and or these terms. Salre are not liable to you whether for breach of contract for any loss of profit, loss of sales, or revenue or business. Loss of damage, reputation or goodwill or opportunity or any indirect or special loss Saltire will not be liable or responsible for any errors in or failure to provide bookings due to your error or failure to provide complete and accurate information. Whilst we make every effort to ensure all booking options are available, we do not infer any agreement to that effect that they will be available at all times or to all parties or that these options are error free. Except as otherwise set out in this section Saltire and its Drivers and partners total liability to you and the passengers of your booking for anything it has done or not done in connection to the same whether from breach of contract duty or negligence shall be limited to the following. 1 in relation to any singular service provided the value of the booking. Or in aggregate under these terms a maximum of £100 sterling.

Force Majeure

We shall not be in breach of these terms or liable for delay in performing or failure to perform any of our obligations laid out if such delay or failure results from a circumstance not within our reasonable control and in such circumstances, we shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of the time to perform such obligations.