🚖 Explore Our Range of Airport Transfer Vehicles 🚖

At Saltire Private Hire, we take pride in providing reliable and comfortable airport transfers for our valued customers. We understand that each traveler has unique needs, which is why we offer a diverse selection of vehicles to suit your requirements. Choose from the following options:

1️⃣ Standard Saloon Cars: Ideal for 3-4 passengers, our standard saloon cars offer ample space for up to 3 carry-ons or 2 full-size suitcases. Enjoy a smooth and hassle-free ride to the airport in vehicles like the Ford Mondeo or VW Passat.

2️⃣ Standard Estate Cars: If you need a bit more room, our standard estate cars are perfect for up to 4 passengers. With space for either 4 passengers and carry-ons or 3 full-size suitcases, vehicles like the Ford Mondeo or VW Passat ensure a comfortable journey.

3️⃣ Regular 6-Seaters: Need a vehicle for a larger group? Our regular 6-seaters, such as the Vauxhall Zafira or VW Sharan, accommodate up to 4 passengers with 4 full-size suitcases. Alternatively, they can accommodate 6 passengers without luggage or 5 passengers with carry-on bags only.

4️⃣ Regular 8-Seaters: For bigger groups or those with extra luggage, our regular 8-seaters are an excellent choice. Our standard minibus options, like the Ford Transit or Mercedes Vito, comfortably accommodate up to 8 passengers and the driver. You’ll have space for up to 12 full-size suitcases or 8 sets of golf clubs with carry-ons.

5️⃣ A Class: When you desire a touch of luxury and sophistication, our A Class vehicles are the perfect choice. Featuring executive cars like the Mercedes E-Class or BMW 5 Series, these stylish options provide a bit of elegance for your airport transfer needs.

6️⃣ Electric or Hybrid Vehicles: If you prefer an environmentally friendly option, we have you covered. Our electric or hybrid vehicles offer a zero or low-emission alternative to our standard car options. These modern pure EV or hybrid EV vehicles comfortably accommodate up to 3 passengers and 2 full-sized suitcases.

At Saltire Private Hire, we strive to ensure your journey is comfortable, convenient, and tailored to your needs. Choose the vehicle that suits you best and experience our top-notch airport transfer service. Book with us today and enjoy a seamless ride to your destination. 🌟